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When Going To The Doctor Makes You Worse

Last updated on October 14, 2022

It is easy to forget that doctors and other medical professionals can make mistakes too. It is distressing to come out of a procedure with a new or worsened injury. Still, when it happens, an experienced attorney well-versed in medical malpractice can help you fight the  insurance companies to recover just compensation.

Medical malpractice is a type of personal injury that occurs when a healthcare provider like a doctor or hospital causes injury to a patient. Medical mistakes can alter your life forever, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fight for a better outcome and the compensation you deserve. Attorney Lawrence F. Reilly, of The Reilly Law Firm, LLC, can help you with that fight.

Making The Next Steps Less Daunting

Attorney Reilly has had a proven success rate with medical malpractice cases of all types, including:

  • Failure to diagnose/misdiagnosis
  • Medication errors
  • Surgical errors
  • Birth injuries

When these types of mistakes cause harm, injury, or death to a patient, medical malpractice may be pursued as a method of recovery. Some types of compensation you may expect include:

  • Cost of medical care, including corrective care necessary to treat injuries sustained from the malpractice of health care professionals
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of chance of recovery

Attorney Reilly can help you stay on track and guide you through the process, ending in negotiations and settlement if possible, or trial and a verdict. If a settlement is not an option, he has the trial experience to support any client through litigation and will fight respectfully and thoughtfully for the desired outcome.

Don’t Settle For Their Mistake

An injury from a health care provider’s mistake can be more distressing than other types of injuries. You were already seeking help, and instead of getting better, you got worse. You do not have to deal with this situation on your own.

You can get that help from attorney Lawrence F. Reilly. With proven success with medical malpractice cases in Connecticut, The Reilly Law Firm, LLC can give you the support you need. Call now at 203-438-3651 to schedule a consultation.