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Learn About How I Have Successfully Represented My Clients

This page is dedicated to some of the highlight cases that I have won or successfully settled on behalf of my clients. Each of these represented the type of dedicated service that I give to each and every one of my clients.

Representative Cases

Here are some of the trial and arbitration awards attorney Larry Reilly has won over the years. These are decisions by judges, juries and arbitrators, not settlements.

Home Improvement Arbitration Award

This case involved a claim against a home improvement contractor who was hired to renovate a majestic old home. The project ran seriously over budget and time when the relationship between the homeowner and contractor finally disintegrated. Inspections revealed that several elements of the construction were defective. Efforts to reach an amicable solution were unsuccessful, and attorney Reilly went to arbitration and won an award of over $340,000 for the homeowner.

Medical Malpractice Arbitration Award

(names and identifying information withheld pursuant to the parties’ confidentiality agreement) After battling in court for many years, the parties agreed to try the case before a private arbitrator. The case involved claims of medical malpractice in connection with a surgery. Attorney Reilly was able to prove that the surgeon was not properly prepared for the surgery, that the surgery was attempted improperly, and that the surgeon did not properly follow the patient after the surgery. The patient was left with significant spinal disabilities as a result. The arbitrator awarded the plaintiff $3,190,000 to compensate for those disabilities.

Glow Yoga, LLC v. Greenwich Water Club, LLC

This case arose from a contract whereby Glow Yoga, LLC, was to provide Yoga classes at the defendant’s club. Attorney Reilly was able to show that Glow Yoga, LLC, poorly performed its duties and that the parties negotiated and agreed to a termination of their relationship. After that deal was made, Glow Yoga, LLC, changed its mind and claimed that it had the right to stay. Glow then sued the Club. Attorney Reilly was able to show the court that Glow had breached the contract, not the Club, and that the parties had entered the termination agreement. His defense was successful.

The Final Cut, LLC v. Sharkey et al. ​

​In this case, attorney Reilly represented the plaintiff which purchased haircutting salon franchises from the seller, but later found that the financial representations made by the seller were false and incomplete. He and his client offered to settle for the return of the purchase money, but the seller refused. At trial, he proved that the seller committed fraud and violated the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act, and won a judgment in excess of $2,300,000 which included the return of the purchase money, interest, attorneys fees, financial losses incurred while operating the salons, and an extra award of interest because the defendants refused the earlier settlement offer.

Kinard v. Arnow Construction Co. et al.

In this matter, attorney Reilly represented the plaintiff who was driving a Honda Civic and was stopped waiting to make a left turn when a truck driven by the defendant smashed into the rear of her car. She sought medical care from an array of doctors and was finally diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury. The defense refused offers to settle the case and instead vigorously contested the plaintiff’s injuries. The jury awarded the plaintiff over $850,000 for her injuries and lost earnings.

Driver v. Terminix et al.

In this case, attorney Reilly represented a man whose car was struck head-on by a Terminix company pickup truck. The client suffered a bulging disc in his lumbar (lower) spine. This had a devastating impact on his work, and he was forced to sell his small company. The defendants made every effort to discredit his claims, and even hired private investigators to conduct secret surveillance on him and his family. The jury awarded the plaintiff $525,000, but because the defendants refused to accept an earlier settlement offer for a lesser amount, interest was added and the award increased to nearly $750,000.

Epstein v. Twardy

Attorney Reilly represented the plaintiff who was rear-ended by the defendant while driving on Interstate-95. She suffered injuries to her cervical spine (her neck) that left her with permanent pain and limitations on her normal activities. The defense’s strategy focused on the “minor” nature of the impact between the vehicles and tried to discredit her injuries. The jury found in favor of the plaintiff and awarded her $250,000, which was increased to over $370,000 because the defendants refused an early settlement offer.

Greenwich Hills Association v. Rhodes et al.

This case involved a dispute between two neighboring property owners. The plaintiff claimed that the defendant was improperly using and occupying part of the plaintiff’s land. Attorney Reilly represented the defendant and asserted a counterclaim that alleged that the defendant (and his predecessors in title) had indeed occupied the disputed land, but had done so for so many years in such an open and obvious manner, and without the plaintiff ever objecting, that the defendants should be permitted by law to maintain their use of that land into the future. Attorney Reilly proved these facts, and his clients were awarded a judgment under a common law doctrine called “prescriptive easement” which permitted them and their successors in title to continue using the disputed land.

Tuluca v. Bierker, et al.

In this case, attorney Reilly represented the driver of a car which was smashed from behind by a tractor-trailor truck on Interstate-95. The car was demolished, but the defendants still disputed liability and damages. The jury awarded attorney Reilly’s client over $220,000 to compensate him for his injuries.

Additional Reported Cases

  • Cinotti v. Divers, 151 Conn. App. 297 (2014)
  • Pin v. Kramer, 304 Conn. 674 (2012)
  • Wiener v. Health Net of Connecticut, Inc., 311 Fed. Appx. 438 (2d Cir. 2009)
  • White v. Irving Byelas Irrevocable Trust, 64 Conn. App. 506 (2001)
  • Nevers v. Van Zuilen, 47 Conn. App. 46 (1997)
  • Gore v. People’s Savings Bank, 235 Conn. 360 (1995)
  • Russo v. Aetna Casualty and Surety Co., 34 Conn. App. 904 (1994)

Settlement Awards

In addition to all of my success in obtaining verdicts and awards for my clients, I also have succeeded in obtaining significant settlements for my clients. Below are a sample of some of the settlements I have negotiated. The identities of the parties in these cases have been mostly redacted for privacy concerns.

Medical Malpractice Settlement

Plaintiff was improperly misdiagnosed with gout and was given a prescription for Allopurinol, a gout medication. The Allopurinol caused a serious side-effect called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome which caused a burning, blistering rash to form all over the plaintiff’s body. Settled for $875,000.00 before trial.


Auto Collision Settlement – Brain And Neck Injury

Plaintiff’s vehicle was struck by defendant’s car which had driven through a stop sign. Settled for $2,000,000.00 before trial.


Fall Down Incident

Client fell on an unlit and broken stairway. She suffered a broken ankle as a result. Settled for $190,000.00 before trial.


Motor Vehicle Collision

Client’s vehicle was struck on the side by another car that drove through a red light and as a result she suffered neck and back injuries. Settled before trial for over $93,000.00.


Motorcycle Smashed Into Car

A motorcycle driven recklessly and at excessive speed by the defendant smashed into the client’s car causing neck injuries as well as various cuts due to flying glass. Settled before trial for $137,000.00.


Rear-Ender Motor Vehicle Collision

Client’s car was struck in the rear by defendant’s car. The parties agreed to go to a mediator and the case settled for $200,000.00 before trial.


Pedestrian Struck By Car

Our client was struck by a car as he was crossing the street and suffered a broken hip. The case settled before trial for $350,000.00.