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Last updated on November 8, 2022

If you have legal troubles or disputes there are often options available to you. Sometimes it is best and most efficient to commence litigation, other times it is best and most efficient to seek out alternatives to traditional litigation, such as arbitration or mediation.

For decades, attorney Lawrence F. Reilly has been an advocate and adviser to clients in Fairfield County on resolving disputes. He understands Connecticut law and how to build an effective solution. He listens to clients and cares about finding the right way forward.

Helping You With Dispute Resolution

It is often in our clients’ best interest to try and resolve their dispute outside of the courtroom. Attorney Reilly has decades of experience helping clients with a variety of legal issues, using a variety of dispute resolution methods.

  • Arbitration: Clients may choose to arbitrate instead of going to court. Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution option that is legally binding and can be used to resolve more complex disputes. When parties agree to arbitrate their dispute, a neutral third party (or sometimes a panel of them) is selected to hear the dispute and decide the matter. Witnesses testify and documents are offered in evidence, but more often than not procedural and evidential rules are relaxed to streamline the process. As a result, arbitration is often easier, faster, and less expensive than litigation. A case that might take several weeks to present in court can sometimes be arbitrated in a fraction of that time. Both sides must agree to arbitration.
  • Mediation: Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution used to help parties avoid litigation and can often be a requirement of the court before they set the case for trial. Unlike arbitration or a trial, mediation is not binding and involves a neutral mediator to communicate with both sides to try to reach a mutually-agreeable settlement. Mediation can be a valuable to show clients what a neutral, disinterested third party thinks about the case. Unless the parties are ordered to mediate the case by the court, the parties both must agree to submit the case to a mediator.

If facing a lawsuit seems daunting and you want to try other options, contact attorney Reilly to discuss these alternatives. Whether your conflict has not yet led to a lawsuit or even if litigation is in full swing, arbitration or mediation might provide a cost-effective, efficient, and attractive alternative for your case.

Advocating For Your Rights In Land

A land dispute usually involves conflicting claims over title to, or the use of a piece of land. The dispute can be over the control, ownership, or disposition of land between parties.

Land disputes cover issues such as:

  • Boundary issues
  • Easements
  • Co-owner disputes
  • Real estate contract disputes

When dealing with a land dispute, attorney Reilly can help you sort through conflicting information and protect your property rights.

Three Decades Of Experience On Your Side

If you are having trouble with a land dispute or need assistance with a mediation or arbitration, The Reilly Law Firm, LLC, has the experience to help you. Call the firm at 203-438-3651 to schedule a consultation.